hen Huilins frisch verheiratete sechs Tage

Chen Huilins Hermes schwarze Lederhandtasche mit einem Wert von fast HK $ 80.000 ging in Taiwan zur Arbeit, sie lachte und sagte: “Die Hälfte dieser Tasche stammt aus Thunder’s Geschenk.”

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Newsletter Alle Musikalben von Chen Huilin und Chen Huilin, die gerade die Hochzeit am 2. Oktober beendet hatten, nahmen am Vortag ihre Arbeit als Liu Tai wieder auf und gingen nach Taiwan, um am 175. Jahrestag einer bestimmten Uhr teilzunehmen. Es wird berichtet, dass ihre Vergütung für diese Veranstaltung so hoch wie 1 Million Hongkong-Dollar ist.Es ist kein Wunder, dass Chen Huilin bereit ist, das “erste Mal” nach der Hochzeit anzubieten. Beruflich zog sie auch den Ehering vorübergehend am Ringfinger ihrer linken Hand und am 6-Karten-Ehering ab, so dass der Diamantring zu hell wäre, um das Rampenlicht zu stehlen. Chen Huilin sagte mit einem Lächeln: “Ich glaube nicht, dass es zu stramm ist, also habe ich es nicht getragen. Ich habe meinen Mann nicht gebeten, es zu tragen, aber er sagte, dass er es gerne trägt.”

Während ihres selbstzerstörerischen Urlaubs hörte Chen Huilin zu Hause “Wenn ich mich verliebte”, das romantische Glücksgefühl beim Hochzeitsbankett wieder auf und bestritt, dass sie in den letzten 6 Tagen damit beschäftigt gewesen sei, “Leute zu schaffen”. Chen Huilin sagte nicht brautkleider 2017, dass sie nach der Hochzeit zu müde war. Sie hatte nicht einmal ein Zimmer. Während der Ferien ging sie nur online, ruhte sich aus und füllte ihren Schlaf wieder auf. Für das Hong Kong Magazin hatte die Schauspielerin Deborah privat ihre geheimen Rezepte gelehrt, Chen Huilin lachte: “Sogar meine Freunde rufen an, um mich zu fragen, wie man so ekelhaft schreibt. Ich kann es nicht akzeptieren. Es ist natürlich, sie zu unterrichten.” Meine Eltern mussten uns nicht beibringen, drei von uns zu haben. “Sie stritt auch ab, dass ihre Eltern sich bei ihrer Hochzeit gestritten hatten.” Ich habe gesehen, wie sie sich amüsiert haben. “

Drei Sätze Kleider kommen

Chen Huilin wechselte bei der Hochzeit drei Kleider: In der kürzlich veröffentlichten Hong Kong Weekly veröffentlichte ihre Freundin und Hochzeitsdesignerin Qi Zhongwen die Gründe für das Kleid einzeln.

1 rotes Kleid Thai Designer Exponate

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Day Fast Mass BuildingFast Shipping

Day Fast Mass BuildingFast ShippingFirst Option You can hold onto your limited BS beliefs ofmuscle growth is a slow process,…It takes years for your muscles to mature… spend more time debating with armchair experts on forums… rely on the same old rehashed info on every other website… continue trying to gain with bulking diets where you overeat for an entire season and then take weeks to cut up … or …

Heck, were giving away almost TWELVE HOURS of musclepumping video footage. Each of these workouts could be a product on its own… You better hurray before we come to our senses!

girlfriend! Although our Test Group was primarily male dominant Lee and I would both put our ladies Trish and Flavia on this program. We like our ladies firm and curvy, not flabby or frail looking. This program does not vor males, a certain age, experience level or any other ctor. The program works for everyone from any walk of life. The only person this program is not for is lazy tirekickers.

Its simply a new bodybuilding nutrition and training approach we developed its quite different from anything bodybuilders are doing right now in America, Canada, the UK, Australia or Europe. The bottom line is that if your goal is not looking like an average person, you have to trick the body constantly in order to have different hormonal systems primed at different times.

Were not sure about that since were both drug free. For what we do know about steroid use, we would be concerned that if someone is coming off a steroid cycle, the bodys hormonal system may not function properly and will not respond to The Anabolic Amplifier Effect from the Overload Phase. If someone is taking steroids the body may not respond positively based on the interrupted feedback loops, but in all honesty we dont really know.

If you look at other diets like the ketogenic diet, the Zone diet, very highprotein diets, starvation diets, very lowt diets, high carbohydrate diets, and hight diets, many of the things mentioned above are not corresponding.

Man up and stop wondering! Just start with the Fitness Model Physique program and youre good to go. Our belief is that the best program out there is the one that you follow. As you print off the meal plans and follow the workouts as prescribed youre going to build some big muscle st. My prediction is that youll pack on lbs. of quality mass in days. As you can read from the testimonials above, our Test Group consisted of many young guys who have less than oneyear of lifting experience; so you should give it a shot.

We confidently believe that our program is thestestandeasiestmuscle growth solution in existence, and if it doesnt help you get thicker muscles when followed, its all yours FREE forever! Fair enough?

Yes it does. Remember, you must look at the con and backdrop behind every program we release. NNMB was the plan Vince used eight years ago to build from pounds to pounds his first ever physique transformation. Maximize Your Muscle helped Vince go from lbs to lbs. Day FMB, our new program, recently helped Vince go from pounds to lbs. As our bodies and training years progress, we learn new information and share it with you. Plain and . Were not contracting ourselves. All of our info works it just depends on where you are starting and who you are.

Keep a body t percentage where you look lean and muscular days a year!

In our experience and many of our clients, conventional bulking only works once, or twice, in your life and it really only works for ultra, ultra skinny guys completely new to bodybuilding. Its not a sustainable model to repeat year in and year out for the rest of your life. This is why NNMB didnt work for Vince forever. It only took him so r as it will for you.

Well with that attitude, it probablywontwork for you Our belief is that a program doesnotil you; onlyyoucan il the program.

FYI muscle is a meolic marker that tricks your body into looking and feeling younger. Ever seen a muscular year old in your gym? He probably looks like hes in his s. Why? Muscle! Its never too late to start packing on pounds of muscle and be that hunk your wife wants you to be.

Q Why is this better than going on a conventional bulking diet where you overeat for an entire season and then take weeks to cut up? Doesnt Vinces NNMB program endorse this of bulking up?

As you know, all the pressure is taken off your shoulders and placed squarely on our shoulders to deliver the results were promising your next step is to click the Add to cart button below and let us prove it to you!

Our supplement strategy is very similar to our nutrition strategy variety and timing are vital. We dont agree with random shot gunning or taking supplements with no rhyme or reason. We believe that you can maximize the use of various supplements as well as save money by cycling supplements for days at a time then take a break. The body adapts to virtually everything, which is why if you dont want to stay the same if you want to grow you have to constantly change things.

We do recommend stacking certain amino acids minutes before you workout, minutes into the workout and immediately upon completion of your workout. These ingredients slam water into your muscle cells to potentiate cell volumizing and also elevate insulin levels to combat cortisol and transport nutrients into muscles and glycogen storage crucial ctors for building st mass. For full disclosure, these few supplements are not mandatory pieces of the program, but they will give you an anabolic edge.

Its interesting because we recently surveyed our readerships and found that over of our readers are males between years of age and some of our clients in their s and s experience just as impressive results and sometimes better than the young bucks. If you believe age is just a number than I dont see any reason why you wont experience your stest muscle gains to date.

The secret to the system is dramatic or whiplash calorie cycling that sets up The Anabolic Amplifier Effect, which occurs after you underfeed the body for a period of time and overfeed the body for a period of time. We call the underfeed part The Primer Phase and the overfeed part The Overload Phase. By cycling your calorie intake over the correct period of time, your average t mass will not increase, but your average lean body mass will go up significantly!

Gain and strength at a phenomenal rate and hardly any of the weight, if any, being t!

NOTE Day Fast Mass Buildingis a completely downloadable series of emanuals, digital videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT AESS to download all product components onto your computer no waiting or shipping costs!. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

If you prefer bulking for months and cutting for months… be our guest…

Its a ct that the best muscle gains in your life always occur after dieting for a certain period of time. No wonder bodybuilders hit the gym right after a big show instead of taking time off! They know their body will respond like a sponge and absorb all the nutrients its given at peak efficiency in response to the deprived state its been in for a while. Your body will always be primed to gain more weight in the form of muscle mass in response to the underfeed period that came before it.

If youre currently consuming an excess number of calories, you should start with the Primer Phase lowcalorie phase to reprime your anabolic engine, in a matter of speaking. If you already on a lowcalorie diet, and working towards a photo shoot or physique show, right now would be a great time to start the program with the Overload Phase highcalorie phase.

Second Option You can start our finely tuned calorie cycling system to produce even better results than competitive bodybuilders get from cutting up and bulking up over extended periods of time. On this program, youll literally be bulking and cutting every days!

If you follow theentireDay Fast Mass Building Program exactly as prescribed in the course, and do NOT gain more muscle mass than you ever have previously, just shoot us an email and well cheerfully refund every red cent you invested.

About seconds to minutes, depending on your computer. After you purchase, youll get immediate access to the entire Day Fast Mass Building program so you can download it to your own computer and start this coming Monday. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you dont have to wait for slow snail mail or wait to start adding mass and seeing results.

Were super pumped to hear about the new confidence you gain and the attention a great body deserves, in the next short daysfrom now.

BioSignature Modulation PractitionerPrecision Nutrition Certified

Basically, bodybuilders have discovered that we have a small time window which we named The Overload Phase long enough for muscle growth to occur at a rapid and substantial rate, while short enough to keep a significant amount of t from being stored as adipose tissue. The Anabolic Amplifier Effect has been around for to years and we simply figured out how to create mini day bulking/cutting cycles instead of spending months bulking and months cutting. The day cycle will work very well every time you try it.

Please read our truthful disclaimer Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. Fact is most people who download this program today will let it sit on their computer and do nothing with it; so often times the typical result is nada, nothing, zilch. The key ingredient to this program work is you Dont juice it up. Dont use any other supplements than what we recommend. Stop hanging around idiots and negative people. Just execute our program to the letter and youll CRUSH IT and set yourself up for achieving anything else you want in life. Youre the magic bullet that will make this happen. Step up and lets make this happen!You should always contact your doctor before starting any exercise or training program.

The Day Fast Mass Building Program just flat out makes sense. Its backed by strong science, years of real world experience, a recent man Test Group and were predicting thousands and thousands of people saying only one thing,Dangwhy didnt we think of this sooner… it makes so much sense and this is r smarter and ster than any other muscle building diet or program out there!

Do it all naturally using a proven system that is

However… if after you follow the program exactly as outlined in the resources, and you do not build muscle and strength ster in days than you ever have previously, just shoot us a email and well giveyou your money back. No hard feelings and we can still be friends.

As you can see, you really do have access to some powerful anabolic hormones real insulin, IFG, and testosterone a source you can use to pack on pounds of muscle in days.

Build a body that drips with confidence, makes people in the streets stop and stare and being able to lift big weights with the big boys.

Stay at least body t all year round so you your body is more efficient at gaining muscle and losing t.

Simply put if you find that conventional bulking results in gaining more t than muscle, Day Fast Mass Building has your name written all over it and you should give it an honest shot.

Frankly, theres really no reason not to order because all the risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours.

We would recommend doing low and highcalorie cycles, back to back, as long you continue to gain new muscle with each cycle. Who are we to say what you cant, do but like all programs, youll probably experience diminishing returns with each day cycle so keep that in mind. Vince gained . lbs in his first cycle and then lbs in his second cycle. Basically, whenever you want to dial in for an intense days fire this baby up! For my people, its mindboggling to wrap their minds around an entire season of bulking followed by weeks of cutting. days is a period of time that anyone can put his or her mind to, which is why we like shorterburst programs to complete.

That was the easy part! We posted a newsfeed on Facebook and got almost of our friends volunteer to try out a betaversion of the program. Both of us then went to our top customers and recruited another people. We only posted a small number of the actual success stories on this .

Traditionally, highcalorie bulking diets can lead to a few unwanted effects, such as increased cholesterol levels and a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, but since our Overload Phase is only two weeks in length and preceded by a one week Primer Phase a tloss phase, we dont believe there will be any adverse health consequences. All the calories in the Muscle Power Meal Plans are based on the top musclebuilding and tloss foods in existence. Were confident in saying the Day Fast Mass Building Program is very safe. You should however always contact your doctor before trying any diet or exercise program.

The bottom line is thisyoure at an important crossroads right here… and you really just have two choices if youre serious about being that guy or that gal in the gym that people stare at in awe.

Its hard to say. Like anything, the longer you follow the same routine the more diminishing returns youll experience. Were confident that you could probably knock out two or three cycles before you transition back to a more moderate program. The answer really lies in how well you manage cycling your calories. Vince personally found that two day cycles was plenty for himself and has returned to a straightup cutting program right now.

This is the of musclebuilding program we would highly and strongly recommend to drug free weight trainers who are trying to increase muscle mass without gaining t. In ct, you might even experience a loss of bodyt while you gain muscle mass and if you do consider that a bonus! We do not recommend this program for anyone who is currently obese. To be more specific, no body should start with this program if they have more than pounds of t to lose.

P.S.There is absolutely no way that you can lose except by not letting the Day Fast Mass Building Program work for you. Were giving you day riskfree guaranteeto harness your bodys natural musclebuilding potential to produce substantial and rapid increases in muscle mass with next to no t and our dozens of test subjects have already confirmed this works and this is your chance tojoin us RISKFREE today.

Then frankly, this appears to be the best and st decision you can make in . Wouldnt you agree?

The program has various advantages over other diets, which make it much easier and realistic to follow. Our program offers variation, thus, it wont be boring to follow; it doesnt promote a life that prevents you from functioning in a social con; its based on legitimate scientific finding; its been tested on over Test Subjects; bodybuilders have been exploiting The Anabolic Amplifier Effect for to years now; the perfect macronutrient ratios are not as important as the total goal calories in each phase r easier to tackle; and the program allows you to make changes within the day framework of the diet and training in terms of your inidual ambitions and goals.

Depending on how many day cycles you go through, youll probably have to buy new clothes but this means youll look all the more impressive in whatever you wear!

If it doesnt work JUST like were promising you it will and just like youve seen it costs you NOTHING.

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For our Northwest fishermen you will find a great selection of D G Bait, Inc., Guides Choice® products available at All BIMart Stores, Fishermans Marine Outdoor, Fred Meyers, Great American Tackle in Clackamas Oregon, Reel Tackle in Sandy Oregon, Mazama Sporting Goods in Eugene Oregon, and the Food Mart in Troutdale Oregon, along with many other fine retail outlets along the Willamette and Columbia rivers.

Fishing bait here online that includes nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, sand shrimp, cured prawns, giant mealworms, striped shrimp, sturgeon candy, catfish treats and more.

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We appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with ODFW and to be partners in the protection of our fishery resources along with educating the customers we serve.

My grandther hammered spinners and poured lead fishing weight to sell to the fishermen in the Willamette and Columbia rivers. His spinners are still fished today after years of catching game fish. A lot of fish!

Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of sport fisheries and the businesses dependent upon them.

Cured Salmon Eggs have been a popular Salmon and Steelhead bait for decades.

There isnt any better fish bait products out there for catching fish

During a recent study by ODFW they discovered that a common ingredient in many cures can be toxic to juvenile Salmon and Steelhead. D. G. Bait, Inc. is proud to certify that our Guides Choice brand products are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed the Oregon guidelines. Meets Oregon Guidelines seal of approval labeling on our refrigerators and s inform anglers that our fishing bait products surpass these new standards.

Over the years we have created and perfected what we and fishermen of the Northwest have found to be the finest bait products in the world. The products America fishes today. With generations of mily fishing and field testing along with years of scientific studies we have developed a line of bait products and curing ingredients that fish cannot resist.

Guides Choice® Catfish Treats are one of the most sought after baits anywhere catfish are fished for. They are made from whole and sections of different s of fish then cured, pickled, and brined in special sauces catfish and bottom fish go crazy over. Catfish treats are like candy to a fish. Thats why catfish treats catch fish so well. This product is becoming very popular in California, the Midwest and the South where catfish are king.

A Complete Line Of Processed Packaged Fishing Bait

Frozen bait is the natural food that both freshwater and saltwater game fish find irresistible. These products can be found in both inidually custom labeled, vacuumsealed packaging for maximum freshness, as well as bulk.

option when you choose your shipping method upon checkout.

Our fresh cured Guides Choice® products are processed in our special cure that enhances the natural flavors of each cured product that we provide. These products are also cured in various fluorescent ed dyes, and custom packed for maximum freshness. Fresh cured fishing bait that is an extremely effective fish catching product for both fresh and saltwater game fish.

Our products are very unique and have a definite advantage to fisherman, guides, and bait distributors who, nationwide, have been pleased to use and incorporate our fishing bait into their product line with great success. We are sure that some, if not all of our products will become your bait of choice. Many wholesalers and distributors have found this to be true.

D G Bait has a reputation for being a leader in this industry by developing environmentally friendly fishing bait products. We have initiated strict standards for bait that will not jeopardize the well being of juvenile fish in our waterways. Meets Oregon Guidelines is now required by the Oregon Department of Fish Wildlife ODFW for cured Salmon Egg products sold in Oregon.

Over a hundred fishing guides in the northwest buy our products to make a living. To accomplish this they must produce fish to have their customers come back.

We begin by using the real food source that fish actually consume. Fishing bait that includes the packaging of live perishables, processed, frozen, cured, preserved, enhanced, and custom packaged attractively for the fishermens eye. These methods ensure maximum freshness and extended shelf life.

Our live products are so t, sassy, wiggly, squirmy and fresh that it takes longer to get them on the hook than it does to catch a fish. Live products included here online are nightcrawlers, and mealworms.

Freshwater or saltwater, most of our bait can be used for fishing just about anywhere.

Guides Choice® nectars or scents make sense! There made from real prawns, sand shrimp, and salmon eggs, purified into a fish catching potion that fish find irresistible. Commonly used to enhance the scent of fresh bait, lures, yarn and flys. This product has become quite popular throughout the Pacific Northwest with guides and fishermen who want that added edge of catching more fish.

Eslished in , D. G. Bait, Inc. has become one of the largest wholesale fishing bait distributors here in the Pacific Northwest. With the addition of our new D G Bait Shop we now have the ability to offer you this extensive line of fishing bait here online at a great price.

All of our products are trademarked and registered under the name ofGuides Choice®

All of our products are harvested, processed, and packaged in Oregon.

NSIA, Coastal Conservation Association, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Events, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Events, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Free Fishing Day Events, Cast for Kids Foundation, Northwest Steelheaders Association, Southwest Washington Anglers, Childrens Home Society, Portland Parks and RecreationFree Fish Day committee, U.S. Department of the InteriorCatch A Special Thrill Fishing Event, Fishermans Marine and OutdoorFishing Derbys, and the Independent Living ProgramFree Fishing Event.

All of the finest custom packaged fishing bait products that a fish could ever dream of. All are cured, pickled, fresh, and frozen with the renownedGuides Choice® label.

Guides Choice® egg skeins are available in a wide array of custom packaging. Single eggs are hand selected and taken directly from salmon, then cured and processed immediately. These eggs are tested throughout the curing process to make certain the product is superior to any other in the market today. Freshwater fisherman and distributors nationwide feel Guides Choice® single eggs are the finest salmon eggs anywhere. Great for trout, steelhead, salmon, and many other freshwater fish.

Our Pickled Sturgeon Candy has proven to be the best selling pickled bait product sold any where in the Pacific Northwest. Not only do Sturgeon love it! Which is why we named it what we did. Sturgeon Candy has become a popular bait for catfish and bottom fish in the Northwest, Midwest states as well as many other states. Whole and sections of fish are pickled in proven fish catching sauces, which extend shelf life freshness. All fish flavors are professionally packed and labeled for both fish and fishermen which both cant resist.Fast ShippingFishing Bait

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GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners Reghd Hair Straightenersviews

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I purchased two flat irons ranging in prices from and both stopped working soon after the manucturer warranty expired! I called customer service each time explaining how they stopped working and I no longer have my receipts, so would provide them with the date codes, which mean absolutely nothing to them, and was told they cannot replace the defective rs at all. Gee what a coincidence they stopped working after the warranties expired! Honestly, other flat irons work muchRead Full Review

Im onto my th pair now st pair stopped working within year nd pair wide plate straighteners stopped working within months rd Pair bought to replace the nd pair stopped working within months. I finally got smart and contacted the company to enquire about warranties. They told me to send them back to them for inspection. th pair Within a week after sending rd pair to ghd, they sent me a new pair Oct . Within one week, the new pair went dead completelyRead Full Review

I bought the new technology straighteners in Dec as a treat, as I was told they were better than the old ceramic ghds. They are now designed with a gap between the plates which I first thought was the reason why they wouldnt straighten my hair. When I received a replacement pair the gap was still there and they still didnt straighten my hair. I also tried it on friends hair and they still wont work. GHD call centre staff told me to wait minutes and the gap then closes and they workRead Full Review

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i wouldnt even look at another pair of straightners

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Written on//by Trystand review written

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I owned one for weeks. I use the best heat protector that money can buy and in that two weeks my hair has gotten so fried!!! I now have to get it cut it is so bad.

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I have used cheaper irons from sallys beauty supply and never did they ruin my hair!

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Very expensive and hardly any use. Worked well initially but now red light coming on and doesnt heat up and broken. Really poor value for money, not like previous pair. I bought on line but dont have a receipt. Now understand why there was a reduction probably to off load them!Read Full Review

Not a clue what i did before straighteners!!! And GHDs are the best. Well worth the investmentRead Full Review

Go for it… treat yourself.. They are the best

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Written on//by Coco reviews written

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i would totally recommend it to people who have thick long hair because it takes litterally a minute to heat up and only have to use it for a few minutes and it will be straight, good for morning when you go the school/work because you can get up more late knowing your ghd will maake you hair a good hair day! with ghd you will have good hair days everyday by the way i have a ghd IV salon r which is great and make my hair dead straight and when its windy it doesnt mess your hair up. if yourRead Full Review

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Have just returned my th set of GHD Eclipse. The longest any of them lasted was one week! Totally unreliable had to take my ithful cheap ones away on holiday as I couldnt trust the GHDs. I cannot ult the customer service but having to wait days bearing in mind I am now awaiting my th set am going to try a different is really frustrating!Read Full Review

I bought my GHD a little over two years ago and had to replace it two times within warranty. Both times the company made ME pay shipping. Now the product has quit again but now that its outside of warranty, I have no options. I tried to take it to a small appliance repair person but the cords are unavailable and GHD is not willing to provide part. Very frustrating for product!Read Full Review

I have to admit it did straighten my hair, however…

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Ive had two pairs of GHD straighteners. Both just died without warning. When they first hit the market they were all over the TV for exploding in users ces so I suppose its an improvement since then. They are possibly the most expensive straightening irons on the market and should therefore work. Straighteners are not a complicated appliances so really I cant understand why GHD cant just get it right. They have great marketing so they just keep on selling but they are simply not worthRead Full Review

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Written on//by SavvySally review written

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GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners Ask a question nowMedia Gallery for GHD Professional Ceramic Hair StraightenersRefine your search

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The best irons ever! Please dont waste your money on cheaper ones and buy lookalike ghds, they arent anywhere near as good and they will damage your hair as they dont heat as good and the plates arent as smooth. Im a hairdresser and so many of my clients have made this mistake and they say how do you make my hair look smoother when you do my hair, its not down to just me being the hairdresser its the equipment and the products you use is the key.. The right ones anyway! Ive had the ghdRead Full Review

Written on//byshinysusan review written

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i bought my GHD straightners week ago i used them a maximum of times then they went really hot and burnt my hair then just stopped working.I took them back to my salon to exchange they were trying to tell me i had to send them back to GHD,i kicked up a stink as i had my reciept still and didnt have time to mess around with all that,they finally exchanged them ,i have used my new ones once and thew same thing has happened they just dont work. Im very annoyed as now i have to take them backRead Full Review

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Extremely poor customer service! Straighteners lasted months max but because they were older GHD couldnt even fix!!! Offered me a discounted price of for a new pair. Can get them for that anyway lol. Not interested in my emails didnt even reply to my recent ! Would never purchase another pair of these. This is a classic example of a company who have got so big they loose sight of the people who got them there. Please support other smaller companies who produce a better product butRead Full Review

My ghd of years stopped working so i promptly purchased the new ghd eclipse having enjoyed my previous ghd i Didnt even consider a cheaper option.the ghd eclipse was so dissapointing and felt nothing like a ghd,left my hair feeling rough n dull.the salon i purchased it from agreed to swop it for another so we decided the ghd wonderland was the closest to what i had.this was just as dissapointing it straightened a bit better but still left hair looking dull whereas my previous ghd left itRead Full Review

Mine works great. I love it! Very easy to use and the hair is also beautiful after straightening.

Most unreliable straighteners on the market

They do a good job, but they just keep breaking!

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GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners Reviews

The best. Enough said. Have a new pair recently but my last ones lasted me loyal years!!!Read Full Review

Having had sets all broken within years, when the th set broke I decided to contact ghd they replied with generic emails clearly not having read mine to them, this fobbing off went on for so long that the straighteners went out of warranty, stupidly and out of desperation I bought another set ghd ., these didnt straighten my hair and broke after year. I now own a set of babyliss and would never have ghds again, their customer service is beyond terrible and product is inferior. Avoid!!Read Full Review

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Written on//byemziej reviews written

Written on//by …………….. review written

I have had two sets of jamelia limited edition straighteners and both sets have stopped working after two and half years. They then want to charge to repair them. Save your moneyRead Full Review

I have to admit it did straighten my hair, however even with the use of hair protectant, this straightener completely fried my hair. I hated the ct that you couldnt change the temperature settings meaning my hair was constantly being damaged by its extreme heat. Also, the straightener keeps on tripping on and off because something is wrong with the wiring. I seriously would not recommend this considering what I payed for it and what it deliveredRead Full Review

I bought my first pair of GHDs back in , they were my first pair of straighteners that actually belonged to me. I chose GHDs as my sister had them and they were amazing. I bought mine from , an offical retailer of GHD and they are completely authentic. I have now had my GHDs for years, Ive straightened my hair nearly every day for the entire years and they still work as well as the day I bought them. They make my hair extremely straight, they also bring out the shine. IRead Full Review

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ive never imagined that a i can get a sleek super straight hair like salons with a straightener . my hair is dry and wavy, ive been using several straighteners brand such as brawn , babyliss , philis but NONE gave me a result that will make me stay at home and never go to a salon to strighaten my hair , but with the GHD my hair looks super straight and healthy , and it worths it . I JUST LOOVEE it DRead Full Review

Written on//by Collinsog review written

I bought a GHD flat iron on sale for and it came in a ncy package that made me really happy , but when I used the flat iron it did not left my hair as smooth and shinny as I expect for the price I payed I had high expectations . I had a Corioliss pro for five years and I swear it worked better than the ghd and left my hair smooth and shinny . Ghd costs much more than Corioliss but did nit work betterRead Full Review

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